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We have 28 years of experience in changing people’s lives through better hearing.

Our comprehensive hearing health services reconnect you to the sounds of your life.

Welcome to Oregon Hearing Centers!

At Oregon Hearing Centers, we understand how hearing loss can affect your daily activities. The ability to hear is an essential part of how we view the world around us, and losing that ability can be disastrous. But a simple hearing aid can transform a person's life.  

Unlike other sales-focused hearing-healthcare practices, our emphasis is on delivering the quality hearing care you deserve. Hearing loss treatment can be mentally daunting, but we do our best to make you feel at ease from the moment we see you. If you're looking for compassionate care and unbiased advice, then Oregon Hearing Centers is the best place for you. 

Whether you're into hunting, fishing, or want to spend more time with the grandchildren, let us help you get back to doing what you love. Helping patients to a better quality of life is all in a day's work for us. 

Care in the safety of your home

We believe that those who need to stay at home should have access to quality hearing health care. That is why we are bringing our expert care to you. 

We provide mobile hearing services, including hearing assessments and hearing aid fittings. When you need an adjustment, remote care technology helps us to quickly and securely configure your hearing aids wherever you are. 

There's another upside to fitting a hearing aid where you live: precision. Fitting a hearing instrument in an area where it will be most used means it has a better chance of being accurate for your needs. 

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When it comes to hearing aids, there are more choices than ever before. This is great because it means you’re sure to find one which is right for you. 

But which one should you choose? The decision can be overwhelming. 

At Oregon Hearing Centers, we take great care to ensure that you are fitted with hearing aids that suit your tastes, needs, lifestyle, budget, and hearing profile. This is why we are proud to offer a 45-day trial period.

This risk-free trial helps you test the device in conditions and listening environments that are appropriate for you. You are also free to try another device after the 45-day duration is over. 

Hearing Care for Veterans

Hearing loss is one of our veterans' top service-related disorders. There are currently over 1.7 million veterans receiving tinnitus compensation, and over 1.1 million veterans receiving hearing loss compensation.

We're proud to deliver follow-up hearing services for veterans. For more details, please contact us.

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