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Everyday life can involve noisy sounds at potentially harmful levels. That is especially real for certain occupations that might subject workers to loud machinery and equipment, from construction to agriculture to the military. Hearing protection is the best preventive measure to avoid hearing loss before it happens, or to reduce its effects after it has already begun. We offer a range of hearing protection to suit your needs.

Loud noises can be heard everywhere, from sirens, to leaf blowers or even listening to music on your smartphone with earbuds. Long-term exposure to loud noise, or even brief exposure to loud noise, can cause permanent ear damage, such as tinnitus. It's probably the largest source of preventable loss of hearing out there.

That's why the protection of your ears in places where noise can't be stopped is paramount. The threshold for sound penetration before harm occurs is 85 decibels (dB) - the average sound level of a subway train. Persistent exposure to these sounds will hurt your ears.

Since there's no way to treat hearing loss of this kind, prevention is essential. Whether you're at the firing range or trapped in a screeching subway cart - you need to protect yourself from noise.

Many will benefit from our custom ear protection. Our ears are as distinct as our fingerprints, and each ear canal is unique. It makes it challenging to find ear protection that best fits the body. We offer custom hearing protection, which suits your ear canal precisely. We make an impression of your unique ear canals and equip you with a custom hearing aid that provides excellent noise protection in a wide range of recreational and work environments.

Why custom hearing protection?

The regular earplugs you get from the drugstore will probably function to an extent. But disposable earplugs block all sound and frequencies, creating what is known as the user's occlusion effect, which is the sensation of an echo-like "hollow" or "booming" sound in their own voices. In this way, they reduce the quality of all-around sound and create a compressed feeling in your ear.

Custom hearing protection is the way to go for those searching for a more sophisticated solution. Custom earplugs have special filters for more targeted noise reduction. The earplugs can be set up to reduce volume only by the amount needed and filter some types of sound more than others, preserving speech and music quality.

Our hearing protection systems can offer optimum security and comfort, whether you need security from noise at work, at a music concert, or at the shooting range.

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