Custom Hearing Protection

The key to protecting your hearing is knowing how noise affects you.

The next step is to block as much noise as possible from entering your inner ear. Know this: if you're going to have to yell to be heard, the place you're in is too noisy. You'll need to get away from the sound, and somehow cover your ears.

Over-the-counter earplugs can help significantly in protecting you, but custom-fit earplugs offer the same protection in addition to unparalleled durability and comfort. As the name suggests, custom hearing protection is designed to suit your ear's individual size and shape. 

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Custom Hearing Protection for Hunters

Hunters are hesitant to wear hearing protection because they fear that the subtle sounds they need to hear will be filtered out. These sounds are essential for getting into position for the best shot. 

That's why if you’re a hunter, filtered custom-fit hearing aids are a perfect way to protect your ears. They allow you to hear the leaves' rustling, but the moment a shot goes through your earplugs, it triggers and decreases the sound to safe levels so you won't hurt your ears.

You can enjoy the sounds around you, speak to your shooting partner, and hunt effectively, all without losing your hearing.

We have a wide variety of custom hearing protection to protect you in any situation. Contact us today to find out more. 

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