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Information on hearing loss, hearing aids, and tinnitus.

Audiologist edication patient on how hearing aids can help treat hearing loss and tinnitus

Frequently Asked Questions

Here! Oregon Hearing Centers offers hearing tests in Redmond and Salem, OR, for adults of all ages.

Hearing aids have an average lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on how well you care for them. To get the most out of your hearing aids it’s important to bring them in every few months for a check-up and deep cleaning.

Hearing health is connected to overall health and good brain function. It’s important to manage hearing loss at the first signs so you don’t lose any speech comprehension or experience a decline in your cognitive abilities.

For individuals with a current hearing loss or for those over the age of 55, it is recommended that you have your hearing tested every year. Just as you visit the doctor once a year for a physical, it’s important to have your hearing examined as well. We offer easy hearing checks in Redmond and Salem, OR, so you can feel good about your hearing health.

Clogged ears can be caused by impacted earwax or can be a result of muffled hearing. No matter what the cause of discomfort in your ears is, our hearing specialist can help you.

Some cases of tinnitus will go away on their own. If you have been recently exposed to loud noise, such as a concert or fireworks, you may experience temporary ringing in the ears. This should clear up within a few days. However, if your tinnitus worsens or does not go away within a few days, you should contact Oregon Hearing Centers for a tinnitus test.

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